On Writing (And Having) The Perfect About Page

writing having perfect about page hard difficultWriting the perfect About page is a lot like trying to take that perfect mirror selfie.

“You know what, this outfit and me are working today – I’m feelin it. I should capture this.”

“What are my best features? What’s my best angle?”

“Are they going to see the toilet in the background?”

“Does it matter if they do? Am I so awesome they won’t notice or care? We all have toilets, right?”

“Should I have the camera in the shot or make it look like this magically just happened?”

“Photo number 33… Dangit – this is hard! I’m never doing this again!”

“Oh perfect! Well, good enough. I’m tired.”

“Crap the mirror is smudged! I gotta wash and retake!”

I’ve been working on re-writing my About page since I relaunched this blog in January 2015, after taking an entire year off to start and run my own business.

A few days ago I wrote out some raw thoughts on my other, highly personal, blog at elasson.com concerning what I call “trying too hard” and how I hate seeing people do this. Yes, I do think a person can try too hard, though most people who know me would probably pass out if they heard me say that.

I think I’ve been on a “care for others” and “be authentic” trip lately in my writing and thinking, but that’s who I am – or at least always want to be. This is a bit of an extension of those thoughts combined with the results of “trying too hard”.

I think there’s a better way to do About pages, and yes, it lives or dies on authenticity and being “okay with the toilet in the background of our lives.”

So here’s something I wrote out on my About page. I’ll probably “wash and retake” it soon, so I’m blogging it as well.

Hopefully it will inspire you to relax and be real, but still work hard for who you want to be.

I think the world and internet would be a better place if we all just realized this and became okay with it, and if we all worked hard in spite of not being who we want to portray ourselves as yet.

So here are my current thoughts on this:

Let’s Be Real: I’m Not Amazing At Anything, But I Highly Value Working Hard And Always Learning…

Everyone hopes to have an About page that displays what Robert J. Clinton calls “Convergence” in his book, The Making of a Leader. This “Convergence” is defined as a phase in life following a great deal of inner-life growth, skill development, and hard-won maturity and aptitude that results in well defined roles (very few usually) and extreme usefulness within them.

People in the phase of “convergence” know what to do and what not to do. They are unencumbered by needing to please others and do things they aren’t gifted at, and there is a clear fit between the requirements of their role and their giftings, skills and personality.

Not many reach this phase in life at all, and even fewer reach it at a young age through bizarre circumstances and hard work. Both fortunately and unfortunately, many of these people have blogs these days. They’re hard not to compare to.

For most, they never reach this “convergence” in life because they don’t complete the previous phases. Unfortunately, many of these people have websites, blogs, books, courses, ridiculous about pages with over-promises and zero experience or work ethic, and they end up creating a lot of noise and making the internet a big hot mess with a low trust factor.

I’m not either of these people.

One of them I’m working and praying hard to become. The other, I run from.

I hope it’s obvious which is which. 

3 thoughts on “On Writing (And Having) The Perfect About Page”

  1. >>>>People in the phase of “convergence” know what to do and what not to do. They are unencumbered by needing to please others and do things they aren’t gifted at, and there is a clear fit between the requirements of their role and their giftings, skills and personality.

    Fascinating quote. I’ve often told people that knowing what you shouldn’t do in a given day is more important than what’s on your to-do list. Does Clinton talk about the permanence or impermanence of “Convergence” as a phase people go through? I’ve seen many people flow in and out of convergence throughout their career.

    • Well hey Eric! Welcome to my “home”! Ha. :)

      Thanks! That’s definitely crucial advice… and can be my biggest problem with the amount of options and info these days!

      So yea, good question: Clinton does actually talk about how you can end up cycling back out because of bizarre circumstances or moral failure or something. Often though there can be just glimpses of “convergence” when you’re really just pretty advanced in the “Life Maturing” phase (previous phase). It can also be that one moved into a role that appears to be convergence based purely on his skill set, yet is missing “inner-life” or “life-maturing” factors that will ultimately set him back again. Really the only phase that would be very hard to see changed is what Clinton calls “The Afterglow” – basically the reward of a life well lived, now impacting others exponentially and mentoring younger folks. The rarest of phases to attain. Ha!

      It’s meaty stuff! Clinton is like super-nerd on this stuff, with TONS of research case studies and even invents his own terms. I’ll probably be writing on it more now that I’m online again, cause it’s been a lot to think about the last couple years of my transitions and developments. Really challenging and helpful.

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