The gospel message — the good news of Jesus Christ freeing us from our slavery to sin and condemnation and reuniting us to the love and dependable future grace of God — this message, is the one and only hope for all people in all categories of demographics and circumstances of life.

Jesus Christ alone is capable of offering true and lasting good news to the poor, freedom to the captives and oppressed, and sight to those who are blind. (Luke 4:17-20) We, as Christ’s church, are the ambassadors and agents of this news and this hope. We carry the message and the abilities, together as a local church body, to change the lives of any and all people.

Yet, there remains so many poor, captive, oppressed, and “blind” people. The most voiceless and easily oppressed of all is the unborn child in the womb of their mother in our nation. Often the most poor, captive, and blind are the mothers of these children, convinced that their greatest hope for a joyful future is to end the life of their child. These mothers then end up more in bondage to burdens, isolation, loneliness and sorrows.

Abortion is a great atrocity, no doubt antithetical in every way to the sacrificial love of Jesus, and yet an even greater atrocity is that the mothers and fathers who practice these abortions do not know and worship the infinitely worthy God who loves them with an everlasting love and offers eternal hope and peace. Meanwhile, many of us as the church feel ill equipped or powerless to do much to compassionately speak and act for these people.

We Can Save And Change Lives As The Local Church

Speak For The Unborn

Because of these realities, I have joined with the national non-profit, Speak For The Unborn (S4U), to help equip local churches across the nation to rise to the callings of both speaking up for the most vulnerable of humans and simultaneously winsomely holding out the hope of the gospel of Jesus, and the provision of his Church, to those who are in need of help and hope.

We do this by reaching, equipping, and mobilizing local church communities to reach out to abortion-minded women and men on the sidewalks and streets of cities with abortion clinics. Coming alongside local pregnancy resource centers and others in the community, we help these churches work to save and change lives!

My Work With Speak For The Unborn

As the Communications Director for S4U, I oversee a wide variety of responsibilities that require a full-time commitment day in and day out. As a growing organization, we have an ever-widening public audience that we seek to engage with grace and truth on a daily basis across multiple channels of communication such as articles and media through our website, social media, emails, newsletters and more.

I have the privilege of creating and managing the primary avenues that life-saving, gospel-saturated content reaches new audiences to champion the sanctity of every life and the power of the gospel.

We also have financial partners and network churches on the front lines of ministry that we stay in constant contact with for sharing updates and encouragement as well as support and best-practices. Additionally, we are seeking to form partnerships and create gospel centered resources that we can provide to the churches and individuals who are desiring to carryout this life saving work. One small example of my work in regards to this is creating a new website with better abilities for creating and sharing more content as well as for our network churches to log in and share best-practices, reports and requests with one another.

Our Unique Organizational Vision Needs Your Help

S4U has a big vision as an organization. We’re calling it the 10 City Strategy. By 2021, we are seeking to partner with and equip local churches to winsomely speak for life in 10 major U.S. cities where a high rate of abortions take place with little to no intervention for the voiceless and hurting. You can read more about this vision on the S4U website.

Reaching and empowering the local body of believers in these churches takes a great deal of resources and time for our small staff. But, local churches are who God has called to do this work, and we believe that with the help of ministry partners, and with much prayer, we can do this and more in the coming years. This unique and powerful, gospel-centered vision of cooperation and compassion carried out through a network of churches across the nation needs your support to make it happen.

We would be honored to have you financially invest in us and this ministry. You can do so using the donation form below.

We would also be thrilled to have you sign up for our newsletter to stay updated on our work and ways you can pray for us. You can do this using the signup form below.

If you would like to speak about more specifics, I would love to do so! No question is off limits whether concerning S4U or my wife and I. We would be pleased to explain or clarify more about the vision, the strategy, my involvement, the way we use our time and money, and how you can join us in this ministry! There is a simple form at the bottom of this page to schedule a time to speak more with me if you wish. I would be glad to do so!

Your Financial Partnership Saves Lives

As you know, the cost of living occurs each month, and thus we would be honored to have you support us with a monthly, recurring investment in our work. All donations are tax-deductible as they go directly to S4U, a 501(c)3 non-profit, before coming back to me.

Please note that while this is a secure site and form, we still opt not to store any of your card information on site but rather it will be stored in Paypal — a global leader in secure financial transactions. So, you will be redirected to their service to complete your donation. You will still be able to view and manage your donations through this site at any point going forward.

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