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I have this humorous but slightly annoying problem, or perhaps more rightly called a complex, of staying crazy organized. I also have an exact same kind of deal with opening, and leaving open, multiple tabs on my browser. The thought now would be, “everyone does that with their browser, dude,” but I don’t mean just a few… No, we’re talking, for example, right now as I type this I have 27 (yes, twenty-seven) different browser tabs open on my desktop, and neither Facebook nor Twitter are one of them!

In the same way, it’s not just any kind of organization that I enjoy either, but I mean things never move from their given position and stuff is always lined up exactly how it should be with given surroundings. I could go on about this forever, but that’s not the point here. I say this all to point out that, yes, these two “problems” would seem to contradict each other, but if you could see how it works in my mind, then there’s actually a great organization to these tabs that seem like chaos. I even divide them out into separate windows on separate screens of my Mac. Plus, my Bookmark bar and folders (gigantically plural) are extremely organized and tagged as well. I would admit though, that sometimes it gets outta control…

So what’s the point?

There isn’t one actually. I really just said all that to say, I always have a plenitude of what I consider to be great articles, sites, videos, blogs, etc., that I either plan to dissect further, or share with others (I plan to get more productive about this instead of just holding them forever). Right now, some of these tabs have been open for at least 2 months! No kidding. So I feel like just doing some Saturday afternoon cleaning at this point. So I’m going to list a couple here… and then more in the near future…

Yep, that’s all. :)

All of that just for a list of some good links!? I know… I know… but hey, admitting you have a problem is the first step to solving it, right!? So now, here’s a couple articles just to start things off:

  • Will The Real Men Please Stand Up – This article is written by a lady with the name of Steph (or close to it). I enjoy this woman’s fiery sense of urgency and stand against some matters (such as human trafficking and objectification of women), and she’s a gifted writer as well. I don’t, however, have a clue who she is. Apparently I wasn’t the only one who stumbled on to this article cause she has now written a Part II as well. I haven’t read it yet though. Been busy. This one states things well, draws out some good points, and prompts a little bit of emotion (if even just disgust) in you. I liked it.
  • Toward a Theology of Church Picnics – I know the first reaction to the title is, “What does theology and picnics have to do with each other?” or “What does it matter?” and John Piper does a great job explaining that theology does have to do with everything. I also particularly found the article interesting because my church back home always did “church picnics.” I love how Piper never lets something go as just, ummmm, trivial. A fun and insightful read by Piper.
  • Solving The Crisis of Homeschooling: Exposing 7 Major Blindspots – I can not even tell you why I clicked on this article, because I’ve never even been home schooled. I believe I spotted it on my old youth ministers Facebook wall one day, and thought, well I’ve known A LOT of home schoolers in my time, and he always has good taste in reading, so I’ll click it. It was daaaays before I finally read any of it though. You’ll have to actually enjoy a good read, and maybe care about this subject, but the author of this article makes some AMAZINGLY GOOD AND INSIGHTFUL points. I believe everyone, especially parents, could gain a lot from reading this article – whether you home school or not!

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