Why Am I Not Writing About Ministry and Theology As Much (Or At All)?

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New properties…

Today I had a fun little experience in which a guy who followed my online activity when I was active a year ago left a comment on a different site I currently own and operate.

I then responded to him there and we exchanged a few pleasant words.

He then said, “Hey by the way, I miss seeing you online and your writings. Where can I find you again?”

*Quick thought: I freakin love encouraging people! Don’t you? This guy has always been such an encourager to others from what I’ve seen of him online. I love it!

The kicker is that I don’t believe this man knows I own and run that property.

To be fair, it is a multi-author blog with dozens of other guys writing on it. However, I also just don’t talk about it or publicize it through my personal channels much at all.

This has been on purpose. I’ve enjoyed seeing the community grow organically.

However, I got to thinking, that perhaps the few who remain subscribers here after my year long sabbatical from all things internet, or who may stumble in here from social networks and might remember me as I’ve been getting going again this last month, might be wondering,

“Why don’t you write about ministry and theology as much?”

I know many of my readers stopped in here just for that, and my stats still show some of those posts are my most trafficked still.

The Short Story And The Reasons For The Change

The best way to get the full story of what I’ve been up to and why I’ve been making some shifts in my content and what you might call “personal branding” will be from reading these two posts:

They’re a bit long though, so here’s the super short version: A year and a half ago I moved to help start a church, and in doing so, I also started my own local business. After it became profitable, I started another one. I was also running and building out all communications and web presence for the church startup, and consulting with other local businesses in the area.

It was a lot to hold up.

So, in a bit of an experiment, and because I didn’t want people googling me to find strongly “religious” talk (not always beneficial for business relationships) I shut all my sites down for over a year.

Though I’ve fired everything up again, I’ve had some slight changes of “heart” over the last year.

No, my beliefs haven’t changed, but my methodology and the way I’m going to act those beliefs out has changed a bit. More precisely, I have a longer term vision for my beliefs and who I am than I did a couple years ago.

My heart and mind are currently strongly set on business development and marketing (my degree), and though I would still say I have a future in ministry, I’m simply not sure what that future will look like exactly. I suspect it will be highly involved in business.

However, I’m still as much a theology nerd and as ministry minded as ever. I still love teaching, mentoring, and even preaching (I’m still doing all of that locally and regionally). So of course I have to have an outlet for these thoughts as I have them!

So here they are – my new locations for these topics:

the majestys men themajestymen.com logo

You’ll find most all of my theological writings, vlogs, and more, over at TheMajestysMen.com. This is the site I mentioned at the first of the post. I write there with dozens of others guys and it’s a lot of fun. I’m enjoying seeing what this community may turn into.

I write about everything under the sun as it relates to my spiritual life there, but a few specialities are theological studies, relational and sexual stuff, personal development, and current events.

All of it is filtered through a Christian worldview and how it applies to real, practical everyday life and the wisdom it gives and benefits it brings when living that life.

elasson elasson.com journey website logo

Secondly, I started a deeply personal and introspective site I’m calling “elasson.com“. This is where most of my “ministry talk” has gone and will be for the foreseeable future.

I’ll let you figure out why I call it elasson.com (and the e is lowercase for a reason), but it’s a deeply personal and often critical (of myself and others, yes. I admit it at least!) place in which I write and speak about my personal developments and the winding journey I’m on in what I call: “the tension between ministry and marketplace”.

So that’s why the theology and ministry won’t be here much.

Definitely what I write will always be “seasoned” with my faith and beliefs. It’s integral and inseparable from my character and overall worldview. However, in thinking about the body of work that I want to have here at the end of this year, I decided it would be best to focus this much more on business, writing, marketing, social media, and yes, probably still relationships.

I can’t ever get away from that latter topic in my life, but it’s a big one I have a lot of tough lessons and beneficial insights in (or so I’m often told).

But isn’t it really bad advice to operate multiple blogs?

I’ve now been blogging for over 12 years – no joke! And I’ve always been a prolific writer. I wouldn’t advise most people do this, but for me, it’s pretty easy. I still write thousands of words per day, but I never overwhelm any readers this way. That’s a good thing.

For most people, I wouldn’t recommend splitting your efforts though. Your voice is a unique mix and you should keep it mixed.

This allows me to focus a bit more on different audiences (though I’m still working out who that is exactly – ha!) and experiment a bit more though, and that’s good right now.

If you stick around here though, I can promise you the quality of writing here will increase as I’m practicing daily now, I have a writing coach who’s freaking awesome (and kinda doubling as a life coach – obviously needed right?), and I have a few business coaches too!

After only a month from being back, I can already feel my voice being honed and my vision becoming clearer.

I think I’m even going to go re-write my about page for the 77th time after this post. Ha!

Anyway, I just thought you should know!

I appreciate you sticking around if you want to! I sure hope you do!



P.S. Let me know how I can help you; what your biggest struggle is right now or something you’re thinking about; what you like about “my voice” or “my thinking”. I’ll be so thrilled to hear it and you’d be amazingly helpful! Leave a comment below or shoot me a message. Thanks a ton!

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