What If Money Is Simply A By-Product Of A Life Well Lived?

money life lived well riley adam vothYou ever ponder how much money would be enough money to do a certain job?

Or maybe, how much money would be enough money, ever?

I believe I’m on to an insight that is both absurdly obvious yet ridiculously profound.

I’m going to keep this super brief, so here is my working theory:

Having enough money is a by-product of living life rightly.

I don’t mean this to shame, but I’m thinking that it’s just a simple truth that our mistakes add up in cumulative ways. One way we see it is in the long-term state of our finances.

Sometimes our mistakes are calculated risks, taken intentionally, that don’t pan out – which, I actually wouldn’t call a mistake.

Sometimes they are from “innocent” ignorance.

Often though, I think in most of my cases and those I see and hear of, our mistakes are effects of willful ignorance.

These kind, if left unchecked, are the ones that wreck our finances.

They come from things like laziness, selfishness, ego and gluttony.

(*I just heard the Mambo#5 song tune in my head as I wrote that – just thought I’d let you know and ruin your day.*)

We see manifestations of these desires in amassing more possessions, in avoiding hard work and difficult people, our tendency to hide from uncomfortable situations or circumstances, and on and on.

So what’s the alternatives?

  • What if we gave away more than we felt we could comfortably afford to?
  • What if we lived thrifty and wise and punched debt in the throat?
  • What if we worked pro-bono for organizations just to see them thrive?
  • What if we pushed ourselves constantly to learn more and be ready for the next thing – or anything?
  • What if we went out of our way to figure out how to help someone?
  • What if we asked people what their pain was, how they could best be served, and meant it for more than profiting from their answer?
  • What if we tried really-crazy-hard to listen to people? No matter what. No matter the notifications on our phone or what we were reading when they started talking!
  • What if we did work we love, every week, or every day – even if we had to do work we didn’t like to pay the bills – until we were so good at what we loved that people paid us to do it?

What if we became known as persons who really care? Really listen? Really work hard at all times? We are really intentional with every minute, person and resource at our disposal?

Easy to say; hard to do.

But it’s impossible if you don’t even think to try!

So I’m forming this theory that I think people, opportunities, and thus money would come knocking at your door if we were living life rightly.

You’d have more opportunities than you could handle!

More to give away or pass on to others!

Granted, this does mean that eventually you have to charge money – just, reasonable amounts.

You profit because people trust you.

They like you.

They know you care about them!

If you are this kind of person – everyone will want you.

Partly because most people care only about themselves, so you become extra useful to them. Partly because you are a generally awesome person that people want to learn from and emulate!

Partly because the good authority around you will trust you; so they’ll gladly give more to you because it will free them to do more! It’s accumulative for others in a positive way!

Of course a person like this can get ran over, stepped on and used. This person can seem idealistic and even “weird” at times, and most likely this person won’t have as much money as his friends for the first part of his life – or maybe ever.

But, he’ll definitely have enough at all times.

And, he’ll be way, way, way, way happier in every way – especially his relationships!

That’s what you’re after with money anyway isn’t it?

I know a few folks living like this. I’m theorizing that it’s worth it.

I’ll let you know.

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