I’m Always Encouraged & Challenged By Studying Renaissance Men

I have wanted to delve into this topic for quite a while: “Renaissance Men”. You can expect more nerding out on this topic in the future, but I just stumbled across this slide deck recently, and it finally was more than I could take. So here’s just a short intro to my thoughts on the matter. 

davinciquoterenassainceman.pngIt’s no secret that many, perhaps most, of my greatest heroes are what we call “renaissance men”.

I’ve been wanting to do a lot more research, studying, and writing about them the last few years.

I compare myself to them a lot because I feel like I relate so well.

These guys didn’t limit themselves and they saw everything in life as interrelated – *hint: cause it is!

You want to be a better piano player, sit down and study math. You want to be more devout in your faith, build a bridge, study the stars, and dissect a human! You’ll also find you just became a counselor and a medical professor in the process.

Don’t Limit Yourself!

We’re created as intrinsic, highly integrated people.

I sometimes hate being told to “find my voice” and “target my audience”.

Don’t panic – I know it’s uses, and one has to if you want to sell products or services, but you don’t have to for your own self-expression.

I find nearly everything interesting. Maths. Sciences. Arts. Music. Literature. Sports. Religion. Sociology. On and on…

I’ve made noteworthy accomplishments in almost all of them that would legitimately set me above average, and in a few, legitimately rather exceptional. (Yes, I believe it’s perfectly fine to know one’s self and abilities and claim them – try it!) However, I don’t feel I’ve ever been circumstantially nor mentally to focus my efforts on any one thing long enough to become what I feel would be super-exceptional.

There’s always more learn.

There’s always more to do.

I read obsessively – even things that have nothing to do with anything I’m working on or will be.

There’s always more I know I could be doing.

I have more ideas than I could ever do even if I cloned myself and five of me were working on them.

I always feel I’m wasting my hours though I’m using every minute of them most days.

I’ll probably die feeling I didn’t do what I should have done.

I’m telling you – I feel these guys.

I’d love to spend a day hanging out with someone like Da Vinci. Really, I’d love to spend a week or maybe even a month, but then I’d probably feel so inspired I’d have to go get back to doing other things.

So I found this presentation on Da Vinci (below) super interesting. I just stumbled on it and I think it was primarily written for designers, as it’s mostly about his prolific sketching, but it’s crazy interesting none-the-less.

Plus, I think there could be numerous take-aways for most anyone in business, art, or religion. Both his failure and successes, and most of all, his curiosity, deeply encourage me.

Perhaps I’ll revisit this, but for now I’m fresh off reading this and I just wanted to record my initial enthusiasm and encouragement by it.

I suspect I’ll be writing a lot more about renaissance men in the near future as it relates to writing, productivity, self-expression, leadership and development. Who knows what connections may be made!



Stay curious. Keep learning. Keep working hard. Keep enjoying!

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