My Current Work, Plans and Purpose For This Site – Jan 2015

current work plans start 2015 yearI just spent a year offline.

I also just wrote a post explaining why I did and what I learned, if anything.

By “offline” I mean off of my blogs and projects and largely out of the social spheres. I still did email for work and built sites for others.

A few months ago I began working on the backend of a different project that had a lot of people asking about it, and then in my inability to resist, I began wanting to write more. I soon redesigned and polished up my wife and I’s blog for personal, raw, goofy, and updates.

Then I turned my attention to this site – my personal brand.

I explained what I learned and my reflections looking back on this last year in the previous post (you should read it cause it’ll help this make more sense and it was like, the after-the-fact-manifesto of last year), so I won’t rehash that.

With this post I’ll lay out a few of my forward facing thoughts as of today, heading into 2015.

What Are The Plans Going Forward Into 2015?

As of today, while writing this, my main grocery money is coming from my current business, the one I started last year when I shut my stuff off. You can read more about it here.

I’m going to keep publishing my current work…

I still love working with this local community. I love the people and their stories, and that they love the publications and my work. I love the success the magazines have seen. I love the staff and small team I have helping me. I love that I get to write, talk to interesting people, host events that the residents love coming to.

It’s pretty great. In fact, for many it’d be a dream job. But it’s no dream for me…

I think it’s become too repetitive, and I don’t think it’s meaningful enough work for me to be motivated to figure out how to scale or adjust things. Plus it just doesn’t align with my grander desires for the far-out future (more on that soon – but not this post).

Yet, I know that for the time being I will continue to do this job because I still feel I’d be dumb not too. I just don’t know how much longer this will be.

I’m turning my other projects back on…

As I mentioned in my last post about the year off, I’ve realized it’s bad for me to not write (as in besides all the writing for work).

Not sure if I think to write or write to think, but I know I need to do both!

Plus it’s only allowed me more time and reason to dream up new ideas that don’t get action, and thus create discontentment. It’s a vicious cycle for me if I’m not writing.

So I am turning my websites, blogs, and other projects back on. I’m going to begin working on them, developing them, and redesigning them.

Some of these entail managing communities, some developing resources and products, some will simply be for pleasure and creative expression, some for self-improvement and some for service of others. Some have potential to generate revenue, become full fledged businesses if I can find the right people to work with, and some will no doubt never happen and/or be shut down before long.

It’s all part of the fun.

Besides, if I don’t do it… I’m going to go insane.

I may not know how I will add the most value or where, or even who I am yet entirely, but I know I won’t figure it out by sitting still. 

I’m going to focus on freakin-good copywriting…

One thing I’ve realized that resounds deep within me, and is a common thread through all of my many projects and facets of work, is my love for awesome writing.

I have some natural and learned skills in this area (and it fits my public relations degree), but I’m no pro compared to those I compare too.

I’m also convinced this is a priceless skill that is booming in industry-need and will only become more valuable in the years to come.

So with the start of this next year I will be

(1:) practicing like crazy-go-nuts by posting once/day between here and my other projects, and (2:) I’ll be seeking out further education, training, and coaching and mentoring.

I’ve already signed up at the renowned and have been soaking up education like a sponge tossed in an ocean, but I’ve got some ideas for seeking out personal coaching from a few top-notch pros as well.

I have no doubt I’ll be writing and reporting more on this topic soon… which is ironically awesome (writing about writing better).

I’m going to write a few e-books…

For the last two years I’ve had what I believe to be some bomb-good ideas in my head for some books as well as a few topics that are close to my heart that I think would help others.

It’s one of my greatest desires – dare I say, “dreams”! – to publish some books. Always has been.

Yet I’ve made only minuscule progress in regards to these desires.

Is that fear? Is that uncertainty or lack of belief? Is that lack of ability or education? Poor time management and prioritization? Probably a little of everything.

I’ve learned a lot the last few years. Accomplished a great deal. Built much. Yet I haven’t even the roughest of drafts for one of my books. So as I’ve thought on it this year, I’ve decided what I’m going to need to do…

I will soon be starting the first steps in these regards by publishing a few short e-books, and these will serve as small tests for what would be worth putting more time and energy into and what won’t. This will be a cheap and easy way to both help others, and test the waters on greater projects at the same time. Maybe I’ll even earn a bit of revenue still! Eh?

I’ve got my game plan laid out for these, and I’ve done a plethora of research. So it’s all systems go on the e-book front! I’m excited about this and will no doubt be writing and reporting more soon!

How This Site Will Be Used, For Now

So what will this site be used for moving forward? It’s a couple of things:

  • It’s where I think, iron out ideas, and ask questions.
  • It’s where I document what I learn for both me and you to learn from.
  • It’s where I build my credibility and my body of work that will show others that, in some ways, I know what the heck I’m doing.
  • It’s where I test things when I don’t know what the heck I’m doing.
  • It’s where I give away and recommend free products, tools, and resources I create or utilize to make me more productive, smarter, better looking, and… okay, just better looking. :P
  • Eventually it will be where I sell some helpful stuff as well.

So as of the day I’m writing this, this site has been rather hastily put together to focus entirely on my content – as I’m convinced the writing will be key for the near future. So you’ll notice it doesn’t have sidebars, tons of extra boxes, advertising, or hardly any other distractions.

Here’s a quick video to explain my thinking on that:

[VIDEO Coming Soon]

How You Could Help Me? How I Might Help You?

I was so hoping you’d ask that!

I’m in constant need of coaching, education, direction, slapping up side the head and more. I could probably use prayer for my sanity and wisdom! Ha!

If you’re thinking, “This sounds like you’re way too spread out!” then I’m betting you’re right. I’ve always been one to err on the side of “too much” and never “too little”.

As I’ve explained before, I work like Google, not Apple, [LINK] and if you watch long enough I have no doubt that some awesome things will come from this game plan. Some of the ideas are bound to be a success, but likely not all. I’ll learn a lot either way and have a good time doing it.

I’d be thrilled to have you follow this blog, join me in the social spheres, and throw your wisdom at me as it comes to you. Also, if you’d like, I love collaborating with others if you think you’d have some value to add to any of these ideas or my current projects. If not, we can just be friends and encourage each other.

Ready. Go!

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