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My Current Morning Routine

I explain in my post, Why I’m Finally Forming A Morning Routine, that I’m putting forth the effort to carefully craft a wise and helpful morning routine for myself. This post isn’t to explain why I’ve decided this is needed or to convince you of anything. This one is to simply keep updated on what my morning routine actually is. I’ll keep it updated as I journey through this effort and figure out what works best and why. I may …

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Why I’m Finally Forming A Morning Routine

It’s all the rage right now. Morning routines. Gotta have one. And, I do understand why. The fact is, morning routines are a natural thing for pretty much any productive person for all of humanity’s existence. But, there’s another fact that’s been true for all my existence: I’m horrible at routines!  As I’ve said before, I work like Google, not like Apple. In other words, if I ever thrive in something, it happens more out of pure motivation and enjoyment …

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Where I Plan To Create Content In 2017 And Why

This is one of those posts that can only happen on a site that is literally my name with a .com on the end. In other words, though I try to usually produce content that would help others, this one will only benefit someone else if they are interested in my plans and a bit of insight into why I plan to do these things. Mostly though, this post is for me. Additionally, I know it’s popular to write lengthy and elaborate …

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Tighten Your Writing (and Sound Like You Know Something) Quick and Easy

I’m a writer at my core. My brain needs it. My work needs it. My life needs it. However, being a good writer means being a good reader. You gotta see what works in the wild and learn from it! Likewise, you have to understand the common reader and how they read! What am I saying? You have to write for your reader!  There are multiple versions of readers, of course depending on your platform or medium of choice, but one thing for …

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The Value Of Short Emails (And Other Concise Communication)

Two days ago I was sitting on the couch, reading through emails and articles, trying to decide if I wanted to buy a new book, and pondering life. All of a sudden, I was hit with a revelation (only to myself) and I looked up and exclaimed to my wife, “I just had an epiphany!” Knowing me well enough to not expect something profound from a still-seated-me, exclaiming such words without a blog post, video, and hundreds of pages of …

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My Year Off From Blogging, What I Learned and Why I’m Back (Or: That Was Stupid, Never Again, Writing Is Living)

“Always Learning” has never been more true than this last year. At the end of 2013 I shut off my personal blog. I also shut down numerous other blogs and projects – some of which weren’t getting much attention and some that were beginning to really take off! I even shut down my wife and I’s personal “lifestyle” blog, and we had nowhere to post photos of our cats and house projects… for a year! Horrible right?! So why did I do this? …

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The Majesty’s Men

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I serve as the Director and Editor-In-Chief of The Majesty’s Men, a multi-faceted ministry and brand I founded in 2013 focused on facilitating friendship and mentoring between Christian. TMM is made up of an online community and blog, a network of exemplary men and their sites, a brand and shop, resources, and, most importantly, a growing network of localized face-to-face communities.

I build the site, manage our accounts and volunteers, lead the editing, and lead in strategy and marketing for TMM. It has been a wonderful and super challenging learning experience over the years and I have many more plans for the future!

The best way to get to know TMM is to hop over to the site and check it out.


Let me know if you have any questions about it! I’d be glad to chat.

I write and work in other locations around the internet. You can catch all my other articles on my Published Elsewhere page, but for my other sites and properties I run, you can just hit these images below to hop over to them in a new window:


My work hub for most of my web development, marketing, and consulting with cause-driven businesses and ministries.

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A super simple blog I use for writing thoughts on personal development and the tension I live in of working in both “ministry and marketplace” work.

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A large community website and network I founded with numerous Godly men writing and producing content for the goal of encouraging and equipping one another to be the leaders God has called us to be as men of God.

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