Funny Shades of Grey Meme!

A little meme I found online a few weeks ago… thought it was funny enough I’d have to pass it along… No explanation needed. You remember this cartoon movie? Haha. This is one of the better meme’s I’ve seen. Oh come on… you know you laughed!

How To Get Rid Of Text-Enhance Spam Bug

Have you recently found your browser linking texts that shouldn’t be while you’re browsing web pages? Have you been tricked by this annoying spam bug, that’s actually a rogue extension, while you thought you were clicking a helpful link in a trusted favorite website?

Text Enhance Browser Spam virus bug annoying
Congrats on making an extremely deceptive and annoying linking software!

I did, and then I figured out how to fix this problem just in time before punching my computer screen. So I thought I’d share the easiest way you’ll find (especially for Chrome users). Oh, it also works for removing the silly Coupon Offers corner pop up / drop down list as well – for me at least.

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Good-O-Meter. Good Enough For Heaven?

CAN YOU BE GOOD ENOUGH TO MAKE IT INTO HEAVEN? Just a fun little video for the day. It’s wacky, yes, but it does serve it’s purpose of countering the notion that you can be “good enough” to make it into heaven. It simply points out that Jesus is the only way to heaven. That’s all it was made for, so that’s all it says. Enjoy it for what it’s worth. :)

Happy 4th! A Short Holiday Poem: “Fourth Of July, 1776”

I ran across this a year ago and saved it. I appreciate some well done creative writing when I see it, and I couldn’t help but want to share this. It’s a pretty sufficient summary of what this holiday is about, I’d say. If you haven’t done so yet, I’d also recommend you read my post on Theology of July 4th and How To Make The Most Of This Holiday’s Opportunities. Hope you have a great day with friends and family! FOURTH …

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Black History Month and “Bloodlines” Book

We’ve all at some time been the person, and likely dealt with the person, who sometimes obviously and sometimes subtly has some truly racist fears in them. It’s an issue that touches all of us because, well for one, we all have a race, and for two, this world is only getting smaller. So my last post was obviously the “Who Knew?” videos that I find quite interesting and entertaining, but in that post I embedded the video about Black History month – …

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Who Knew Of These Who Knew Videos!?

This post is just for fun, as I just happened to stumble on to these videos not too long ago. I don’t know if there’s many nerds out there like me, but if so, then these sure could waste a few hours of your time! Apparently Yahoo News takes their top stories from every day and then gets background info on them and throws together these little short videos. Extremely interesting to someone like me. Who knows (ironically) if any …

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Amazing Idea For Open Source Civilization!

Christians: take notes! We should be raising up people like this who are innovative thinkers, and using our skills and creativity to aid our world – especially the poor. (James 2:14-16, Prov 16:19, Prov 19:17) It’s no secret that I like to post amazing ideas I come across, and this is certainly right up that alley. This has to be one of the greatest ideas I’ve seen in a while. I’m impressed. More than impressed though, I’m a bit inspired …

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The Majesty’s Men

TMM Logo and Category Icons image - Streams of content categorized by our roles as men.

I serve as the Director and Editor-In-Chief of The Majesty’s Men, a multi-faceted ministry and brand I founded in 2013 focused on facilitating friendship and mentoring between Christian. TMM is made up of an online community and blog, a network of exemplary men and their sites, a brand and shop, resources, and, most importantly, a growing network of localized face-to-face communities.

I build the site, manage our accounts and volunteers, lead the editing, and lead in strategy and marketing for TMM. It has been a wonderful and super challenging learning experience over the years and I have many more plans for the future!

The best way to get to know TMM is to hop over to the site and check it out.


Let me know if you have any questions about it! I’d be glad to chat.

I write and work in other locations around the internet. You can catch all my other articles on my Published Elsewhere page, but for my other sites and properties I run, you can just hit these images below to hop over to them in a new window:


My work hub for most of my web development, marketing, and consulting with cause-driven businesses and ministries.

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A super simple blog I use for writing thoughts on personal development and the tension I live in of working in both “ministry and marketplace” work.

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A large community website and network I founded with numerous Godly men writing and producing content for the goal of encouraging and equipping one another to be the leaders God has called us to be as men of God.

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