A Quick Update – 9/6/12

christian challenge snowman publicity fort hays state university problem
Besides a snowman on campus in August, what else is wrong with this picture? Haha!

This is that one week in a person’s life that you don’t want to put anything important on your Facebook Timeline because it’s about to be swept away by people who looked in the right-hand corner of Facebook.

It’s my birthday.

Other than that, I wanted to write a quick update for Missions Partners and all who might be curious as to what just went down in August, as well as what to look forward to! If you know anything about one of the areas I work in, collegiate ministry, then you know that this is our busiest time of year, and we’re not into the clear yet (are we ever?). God’s been up to some pretty great stuff though…


I was able to finish out the summer with a few days of rest, a few little trips, a few sermons preached, and then a “staff retreat” in which we on staff with Christian Challenge took some days to try to plan a semester.

This is always a challenge, but with the growth we’ve seen in the last few years I believe it’s become even more of a challenge than ever. We’re in a state of growth in which we simply can no longer interact with everyone. Yet, we must continue to pursue people, build relationships, and bring in the numbers because I believe God never says, “Ok, stop, you’re full enough. I’ll have someone else continue my work.”

So it’s been on my mind a lot lately about how we can continue to do that – essentially, I’m saying we need to figure out how to reproduce disciples of Christ on a larger scale, with less interaction with our top leaders. It’s an awesome place to be in, but hard. Please pray for us.

Then, we did some reorientation with our student leadership team, and in the same week fed over 500 hamburgers to nearly that many college students – mostly freshmen. It was a hit. It allows us to be some of the first people and relationships that those students make, which typically, and hopefully, sets the standard for the rest of their semester.

Next, after some sidewalk chalking and an organization fair, or “picnic in the quad” as it’s called here, where we met many more students, handed out water bottles and gave out info, we had our first Challenge! We saw around 230 students at our first two services of the year.

We consider our Tuesday night large services our “open door” to getting people involved and connected. We’ve since then had two more and seen around a few hundred students each week. Our teams are all kicking in to gear, and Vision Groups launched a couple weeks ago and has seen somewhere near 70ish students come to join a group and learn what we believe and why.

Men’s Ministry
, the team I lead, kicks off this weekend with Boot Camp! This is our semesterly event in which we talk about general masculinity and God’s view of us. We raise specific questions and issues that we’ll talk about in our Impact Groups and training times to come later this semester. Also, we have our big Extraction game.

It’s going to be a good Friday night! Be praying that many young men will come out to join us and get a glimpse of who God says they are to be!

Oh, and if you’d like, check out the video below for an idea of what I’m talking about! :) God is up to a lot… I hope we can keep up!

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I build the site, manage our accounts and volunteers, lead the editing, and lead in strategy and marketing for TMM. It has been a wonderful and super challenging learning experience over the years and I have many more plans for the future!

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