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Tighten Your Writing (and Sound Like You Know Something) Quick and Easy

I’m a writer at my core. My brain needs it. My work needs it. My life needs it. However, being a good writer means being a good reader. You gotta see what works in the wild and learn from it! Likewise, you have to understand the common reader and how they read! What am I saying? You have to write for your reader!  There are multiple versions of readers, of course depending on your platform or medium of choice, but one thing for …

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Keeping The Wheels Turning: It’s Always The Little Things

Growing up on a farm and ranch, I always helped with the maintenance of the machinery. One of the most mundane, nastiest, dirtiest, menial jobs was what’s called “greasing” the joints. I’d get a huge tube of thick slimy blue grease – literal grease – and shove it in a giant syringe looking gun. Even the most seasoned veteran would sometimes experience a spring loaded explosion of grease at this moment… and you hadn’t even begun. I’d then climb all over, and mostly under, the …

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The Value Of Short Emails (And Other Concise Communication)

Two days ago I was sitting on the couch, reading through emails and articles, trying to decide if I wanted to buy a new book, and pondering life. All of a sudden, I was hit with a revelation (only to myself) and I looked up and exclaimed to my wife, “I just had an epiphany!” Knowing me well enough to not expect something profound from a still-seated-me, exclaiming such words without a blog post, video, and hundreds of pages of …

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Why Am I Not Writing About Ministry and Theology As Much (Or At All)?

Today I had a fun little experience in which a guy who followed my online activity when I was active a year ago left a comment on a different site I currently own and operate. I then responded to him there and we exchanged a few pleasant words. He then said, “Hey by the way, I miss seeing you online and your writings. Where can I find you again?” *Quick thought: I freakin love encouraging people! Don’t you? This guy has always …

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How Are You? Besides “Busy” – A Bad Self Worth

Lately I’ve thought a lot about business and busyness. Why? Because I run businesses, I help businesses, I’m passionate about business, and it keeps me super busy! Also, and more so why it’s been on my mind, I’ve realized how often everyone says, “Oh ya know, I’m just really busy.” in response to, “Hey how are you!?” This can’t be good – but not for the reasons you may be thinking. I don’t think busyness is in-and-of-itself, bad. Not at …

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The Quickest Shortcut To Success? Don’t Stomp The Shoulders You Stand On

We used to hear it more often, heartily proclaimed as a statement of praise for the likes of business leaders, politicians, authors, explorers and other celebrities. From Henry Ford to Sean (P.Diddy) Combs, Abraham Lincoln to Barack Obama… “[Phil Indablanc] is a self-made man!” While it’s not quite as common to hear this idiom these days, the notion lives on as strong as ever. It’s disguised in the form of sensational author bios and glorious “about” pages full of accomplishments and promises to give …

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On Writing (And Having) The Perfect About Page

Writing the perfect About page is a lot like trying to take that perfect mirror selfie. “You know what, this outfit and me are working today – I’m feelin it. I should capture this.” “What are my best features? What’s my best angle?” “Are they going to see the toilet in the background?” “Does it matter if they do? Am I so awesome they won’t notice or care? We all have toilets, right?” “Should I have the camera in the …

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If You Tell Me One More Time To Write Short Emails I’m Going To Punch You

That headline is long. It’s on purpose. My emails can be long. Also on purpose. And no, I wouldn’t punch you in the face, just like I would hope you don’t punch me on the occasion that I send you a lengthier email. Ya know the kind, the ones I call thorough, caring and actually time saving in the long run. Yet still, I’m going to go ahead and be brave enough to say it even though you might want to punch me for …

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The Majesty’s Men

TMM Logo and Category Icons image - Streams of content categorized by our roles as men.

I serve as the Director and Editor-In-Chief of The Majesty’s Men, a multi-faceted ministry and brand I founded in 2013 focused on facilitating friendship and mentoring between Christian. TMM is made up of an online community and blog, a network of exemplary men and their sites, a brand and shop, resources, and, most importantly, a growing network of localized face-to-face communities.

I build the site, manage our accounts and volunteers, lead the editing, and lead in strategy and marketing for TMM. It has been a wonderful and super challenging learning experience over the years and I have many more plans for the future!

The best way to get to know TMM is to hop over to the site and check it out.

View TheMajestysMen.com

Let me know if you have any questions about it! I’d be glad to chat.

I write and work in other locations around the internet. You can catch all my other articles on my Published Elsewhere page, but for my other sites and properties I run, you can just hit these images below to hop over to them in a new window:


My work hub for most of my web development, marketing, and consulting with cause-driven businesses and ministries.

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A super simple blog I use for writing thoughts on personal development and the tension I live in of working in both “ministry and marketplace” work.

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A large community website and network I founded with numerous Godly men writing and producing content for the goal of encouraging and equipping one another to be the leaders God has called us to be as men of God.

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