How More Rules And Expectations Equal Less Betterment; An Alternative

I’m often amazed at how easily we, myself included, want to throw more rules at a situation in order to improve it. In my spiritual beliefs and line of work, we tend to shy away from the word “rules” and substitute a slightly less aggressive word we call “expectations” – as if it’s different.

leaders know do then show do leadership martial arts teach
Real Leaders Know, then Do, then Show, and Still Do

Whichever way you look at it, I’m left with one burning question: “Since when has anyone seen long term improvement from more “expectations”? Sure people can assume a role for a while, but without a greater desire developed, no performance lasts.

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The Wonder Of Wisdom: It Comes From Jesus… and Goes Back To Him!

Recently, I had the privilege to speak at a youth retreat for a youth group* in Oklahoma. We went way into the mountains and stayed at ‘ballin’ cabin, and in the first evening there I made the lofty attempt to aim us in the direction of understanding what it means to grow in wisdom.

wisdom jesus growth bible riley adam voth rileyadamvoth flowchart flow chart learning grace truth God
The Wonder Of Wisdom!

Yea, blame the thin air. If you’ve ever done this, you know it’s no easy task! Couple this with the diversity (and often, inexperience) of a group ranging from jr. high to soon-to-be-graduates (not to mention the adult sponsors) and suddenly we have another mountain to be climbed – only this one is spiritual and intellectual!

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spiritual time management moonrise full moon productivity productive

Why Wasting And Managing Your Time Is Definitely A Spiritual Issue

Some friends and I were lounging in my living room the other evening talking about how some people can waste so much time and never feel the slightest twinge of remorse for it. Some however, like myself, can seriously struggle with a borderline obsession with time management even to the point of feeling guilt, remorse, restlessness, or devaluing people for the sake of tasks.

spiritual time management moonrise full moon productivity productive
How many full moons will you see? Here’s to perspective!

I made a statement though that I’m sure is shocking to some, and I thought it to be worth writing out. That is: I believe the guilt we feel when we know we’ve wasted precious time, is truly a spiritual issue.

Yes, I know this opens doors for unhealthy obsession, but doesn’t everything? So let’s appeal to our emotions to help us understand the spiritual state of things… How many full moons do you see in a lifetime? Do you know?

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What If My “Serving God” Is Actually Hindering Christ?

We’ve all heard we are supposed to “be Christ” to people, yet I’m not Jesus, and I’m not sure I’m really supposed to be.

bouncer block in the way of Jesus ministry theology

In ministry (and all Christians are ministers to some extent Eph 4:12) we often find ourselves desiring to be many, many things to many, many people. Sometimes, quite honestly, it’s too many things and too many people. Ah, but those are the easy ones to spot…

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What Went Down In January 2013! – [Update]

Here we are a week into February already! 2013 is nearly over! …Ok, that was an exaggeration, but still, didn’t January just start last week?

RileyAdamVoth Update January ministry leadership church work life

Being in ministry, I have people who like to know what I’m up to, and my future goals, especially those who financially and prayerfully help support the work I do. *That’s understandable!* So I want to be sure to provide an update of the work that went down in January, and maybe a bit of what’s coming up in February. Plus, it’s just always good to reflect, isn’t it!?

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Tips For Life Tuesday Faithlife Study Bible Tool Resource Riley Adam Voth

The Best Digital Bible Study Tool Available As Of 2013: Faithlife

Update: Because this post is many years old, and because the older you get the more you look back on your old vlogs and say, “Wow that’s embarrassing now how silly I was!”, the vlog portion has been removed (which was the majority of the content for this post). However, you can still use the links in this post (assuming they’re still working) and see if the resources are available. There’s no guarantee they will remain working but last I checked they were.

Tips For Life Tuesday Faithlife Study Bible Tool Resource Riley Adam Voth

It’s been a little while, but we’re back in go-mode with the Tips For Life Tuesdays! I’m super excited about today’s tip, and resource, that I’ve got for you! If you’d like a free (for a limited time) tool for studying the Bible, and the best one there is, then you’re going to love this!

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The Majesty’s Men

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I serve as the Director and Editor-In-Chief of The Majesty’s Men, a multi-faceted ministry and brand I founded in 2013 focused on facilitating friendship and mentoring between Christian. TMM is made up of an online community and blog, a network of exemplary men and their sites, a brand and shop, resources, and, most importantly, a growing network of localized face-to-face communities.

I build the site, manage our accounts and volunteers, lead the editing, and lead in strategy and marketing for TMM. It has been a wonderful and super challenging learning experience over the years and I have many more plans for the future!

The best way to get to know TMM is to hop over to the site and check it out.


Let me know if you have any questions about it! I’d be glad to chat.

I write and work in other locations around the internet. You can catch all my other articles on my Published Elsewhere page, but for my other sites and properties I run, you can just hit these images below to hop over to them in a new window:


My work hub for most of my web development, marketing, and consulting with cause-driven businesses and ministries.

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A super simple blog I use for writing thoughts on personal development and the tension I live in of working in both “ministry and marketplace” work.

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A large community website and network I founded with numerous Godly men writing and producing content for the goal of encouraging and equipping one another to be the leaders God has called us to be as men of God.

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