The Top 10 Typical Objections Against Christians With Piercings – [Piercings Pt 1]

This is Part 1 in a three-part series from a pastor who both loves Jesus and wears piercings. Go to “Why Christians With Piercings Are Not Sinful” for the series intro and index! Hope this series helps!
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Christians With Piercings (Part 1)

As mentioned in the intro to this series (Why Christians With Piercings Are Not Sinful – (Usually)), I have piercings in my face. This means I’ve heard many, many objections to them firsthand.

So let’s start with the most common objections. “Why would we start here?” you may wonder, and I have my reasons. It’s important that you understand I’m not lying when I say I’ve seriously heard them all. I don’t want to be explaining the good thinking on this topic only to have you thinking, “Yea, but…”, the whole time.

Also, this way, when we get to sorting through how to think well on this controversial issue, we can refer back to these common objections and deal with them specifically. Also, I want you to note, I’m not making any of these up, these are all ones that I’ve heard directly.

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Why Christians With Piercings Are Not Sinful (Usually) – [Intro & Index]

facial piercings mouth christians with piercing christian pierced body question
Can I keep em? -Christians and Piercings (Intro and Index)

“Can I be a christian and have piercings?” What’s your answer if asked? Is it sinful? Should you have them? Is it beneficial? Are you more like Christ if you don’t have them? Are they a sign of your maturity?

These are all questions I’ve dealt with in my few years in ministry, and I’ve heard many more objections… especially since I have two lip piercings.

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Why Waiting For A Sign For Marriage Might Be Dumb

fireworks wedding marriage sign waiting

As leaders and ministers trying to train and teach well, or even as students trying to grow up, think well, and live well, one of the biggest decisions of our lives is one that we get very little help with whether we’re making it or guiding others. Even the church does a really poor job of teaching about this subject. Because of this, and our own silly selves, I think we way over complicate this one question.

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C. S. Lewis (The Four Loves) On Experiencing The Love Of Friendship – [Quote]

In each of my friends there is something that only some other friend can fully bring out. By myself I am not large enough to call the whole man into activity; I want other lights than my own to show all his facets. Now that Charles is dead, I shall never again see Ronald’s reaction to a specifically Caroline joke. Far from having more of Ronald, having him ‘to myself’ now that Charles is away, I have less of Ronald. Hence true Friendship is the least jealous of loves. Two friends delight to be joined by a third, and three by a fourth, if only the newcomer is qualified to become a real friend. They can then say, as the blessed souls say in Dante, “Here comes one who will augment our loves.” …For in this [friendship] love “to divide is not to take away.”

What If WWJD (What Would Jesus Do) Is Asking The Wrong Question?

The power we give to “What If” questions is huge. Sometimes they even hold the power to change our entire life’s course. For those who follow Jesus, we know we are to give him the power to change our entire life’s course. Sure this is right and good, but it’s certainly a bit scary at times too.

funny what would jesus do wwjd toilet paper roll rileyadamvoth

Because of this, we can often ask questions to the extent of the popular 1990’s catchphrase, “What Would Jesus Do?” We stress out, or possibly even search the scriptures, trying to attain direction for all sorts of decisions, big and small that we may face. Decisions like, “How should I respond to this?”, “What should I study?”, “Where should I work?”, “How would Jesus dress?”, “What car would Jesus drive?”, and the list goes on and on. We want specific answers! Sound familiar?

To cope with our scary “What If?” scenarios, we’ve redirected our tensions with “What Would” questions. Some people even teach that we should. Is this good advice though?

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Building Out The Site. Working On Projects.

For those that follow this blog, you’ve likely noticed there’s been fewer postings as of late. Worse, it’s possible you feel there’s been fewer that really benefit you, practically speaking.

However, I want to let ya know that I’ve been busy building out the site – working behind the scenes and building pages. While the work is never done on a blog, I do hope to be ahead of the game and ready to post like a wild man in a week or so.

The other things I’ve been working on, besides life and leading a church, are a few big projects I have coming down the pipeline. All sorts of good stuff from blogs for other people and myself, to podcasts, and time-management / life planning resources. I’m super excited about them, and I can hardly wait to announce them. Just know that if you keep checking in you’re going to get some cool stuff real soon! Stay tuned!

who do you think you are? book mark driscoll identity new jesus christ

“Who Do You Think You Are?” New Book By Mark Driscoll


“The fundamental problem we have in this world,” says Mark Driscoll, “is that we don’t understand who we truly are—children of God made in His image—and define ourselves by any number of things other than Jesus.”

I couldn’t agree with a statement more! This is why I’m excited to be announcing that Driscoll’s new book, dealing with this issue by examining the even greater book of Ephesians, releases today!

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My Goals For 2013! Let The Year Begin! – [Update]

riley adam voth goals 2013 year plans

No kinda-sorta about it, I’m pretty excited for this coming year. I was going to write about the importance of setting goals, but really, who doesn’t know that already? I may still do that next week in some fashion, but for now I just thought I’d model it myself. Ya know, lay out some of my plans and goals for this year.

Besides it being good for myself to do this, I also justify this by calling it an update for any interested Missions Partners. Ok, I’ve also added some seriously valuable thinking at the end that I promise to be worth a quick read. It’s not all about me. So here we go…

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The Majesty’s Men

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I serve as the Director and Editor-In-Chief of The Majesty’s Men, a multi-faceted ministry and brand I founded in 2013 focused on facilitating friendship and mentoring between Christian. TMM is made up of an online community and blog, a network of exemplary men and their sites, a brand and shop, resources, and, most importantly, a growing network of localized face-to-face communities.

I build the site, manage our accounts and volunteers, lead the editing, and lead in strategy and marketing for TMM. It has been a wonderful and super challenging learning experience over the years and I have many more plans for the future!

The best way to get to know TMM is to hop over to the site and check it out.


Let me know if you have any questions about it! I’d be glad to chat.

I write and work in other locations around the internet. You can catch all my other articles on my Published Elsewhere page, but for my other sites and properties I run, you can just hit these images below to hop over to them in a new window:


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A super simple blog I use for writing thoughts on personal development and the tension I live in of working in both “ministry and marketplace” work.

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A large community website and network I founded with numerous Godly men writing and producing content for the goal of encouraging and equipping one another to be the leaders God has called us to be as men of God.

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